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Are you having trouble selling your property?

Sometimes, when you are trying to sell your property it can be frustrating.
You find a buyer and everything is on track. Then the results of the valuation or a basic level report cause your buyer to think again about the property purchase. It is often the case that as the seller of the property you are not aware of why this has happened or what was said in the buyer's reports. Unfortunately, this can happen time and time again ....
This is where our homemover pre-sale survey can help you, and more importantly, bring an end to your frustration.

When purchasing a property, buyers can be very nervous of any issues that are reported. Due to the limited amount of information contained in basic level/valuation reports, this can cause confusion in the buyer and possibly lead them to draw the wrong conclusions. Our pre-sale survey will provide you with :

  • A detailed break down of any issues found at the property.
  • Provide a verbal report to talk through the issues and explain exactly what they mean.
  • Help in finding contractors to carry out any works on the property.¹
  • We will manage any of the works commissioned via our recommended contractors.
  • Where required we will make our surveyors available to talk to you purchaser to explain any issues.
  • If your purchaser requires our report(s) we will produce them in their name.²

All the above is part of the service and is provided within the cost of the pre-sale survey.
¹  Only where work is required AND is cost effective to advance the sale of the property.
²  Your purchaser may be required to pay a minimal fee to cover costs associated with transfer of ownership.

Testimonial ...

“Please note I/we used the reports to help us sell our house as it had fallen through twice due to Home buyer report survey³ and we wanted specific expert advice and peace of mind. This definitely made a difference to our purchaser as they were able to purchase the reports in their name , I think this service is a very important addition from a selling point of view and not just from a purchasing angle. ”
Mr. Stuart Brook

³ These initial surveys were not carried out by homemover!

We are here to help and our advice is free. So if you think this might be the way forward, a stop to your frustration and allow you to move on with your sale, then why not give us a call?