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pre-offer survey

Pre-offer surveys are bespoke, targeted inspection and costing reports focusing on the elements that are of interest to the buyer.
If you are a property investor and are not quite sure what to make offer on a property, the pre-offer survey can help to set a complete budget for your target property. They are also useful on project properties that are in disrepair where a number of the works have already been identified.

We know that property investors need to move fast and need to ensure that the investment is sound. By seeking advice prior to making a fully informed offer, this allows the purchase to progress more quickly without the delays of further or specialist inspections and reports.

need help in setting your budget?

The pre-offer reports can also be useful for cash purchasers. However, we may need to work with the you and offer advice on what works are likely to be required on the type of property you are interested in buying. In which case, a more cost effective approach may be to have a homemover diagnostic report undertaken, but this will depend on the experience level of the purchaser.

Our technical specialist will be available to provide advice on the most cost effective way forward and where your budget is better spent taking into account your goal for the property. If you decide that you would like us to arrange your contractors and trust us to manage the works for you, we will ensure that the planned project comes in on-time and to budget.

If you have any questions or would like some specific advice based on a property that you have found, please get in touch by calling 08450 722 922 or emailing us using