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Homemover Reports

Our Homemover reports have been developed over time to fill the gaps left by traditional reports. These reports have been honed to provide our clients with more answers than questions and as an alternative to the RICS reports. Our reports are very informative, with the padding removed and written in plain English to be understood by all; not just readers familiar with property and construction.
All our Homemover reports come with a verbal report, so we can explain the findings at the property and answer any questions directly. But our service does not stop there, we are available to our clients long after the property purchase has completed for help and advice. Please read the descriptions below of the various homemover surveys that we can provide ... as always, any questions please call or email.

Homemover Basic Survey

The Homemover Basic Report is our entry level report.

This report is compiled after an inspection of the property looking specifically for a list of defects with the property.
We aim to provide you with an indication of status for any major issues with the property, provided via a simple to understand traffic light type system. The descriptions of any defects found is brief and as such is suitable for purchasers looking for a surveyor's initial impressions of the property rather than a detailed review of the property. We find these report are useful to those purchasing a property still covered by builders insurance e.g. NHBC's 'Build mark' 10 year warranty or clients experienced in property development.

RECOMMENDED - only for those on a tight budget purchasing a very recently built property.

Homemover Property Health Check

In some cases a mid-level report such as a RICS homebuyer or Homemover PHC are appropriate for the building/property being surveyed.
However, a homebuyer survey is not always the best option!
If the client has a valuation report already carried out by their lender or is a cash buyer, with no need for the valuation element of the homebuyer survey ... as an alternative, we have the Homemover Property Health Check. This report contains the similar level of inspection but does NOT include a valuation, so the client can save on the cost. Also this report can be tailored (within the limits of a mid-level survey) to provide you with more answers than a standard report.

RECOMMENDED - for modern properties (built after 1960) where no valuation is required

Diagnostic Reports

Not available from all surveying firms, this innovative and flexible report provides a comprehensive and detailed inspection of all accessible parts of the property. The report can be tailored to suit specific requirements and all property types of any age. They provide a client with significantly more useful information, including the nature of any necessary repairs required. Where those repairs are required immediately (or the issues will only get worse) prices will be included in the report. These prices can be used to establish a full budget for the property and can be relied upon as we will arrange, oversee and instruct our contractors carry out the works to the correct standard for the prices quoted in the report. In addition, areas of the property that will require future maintenance are also reported on, categorised in order of importance.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - In many cases the Diagnostic report is the only survey that you will need. However, as with all reports, some specialist reports may be recommended after the inspection.

Homemover Plus

This report comprises of a full Diagnostic report +

Homemover Plus reports are not for everyone! We find these reports are useful for buy-to-let purchasers. As the Plus report provides a detailed level of information on the property and it's current state, the buyer can make the best possible decision when investing in the property. Also, as the electrical and gas certificates are required to let the property, the purchaser can make a saving by having all the elements inspected together.

We would generally not recommend this level of survey to a buyer purchasing their next home. Given the level of detail contained, not all of the information may be relevant to the property being inspected. By first carrying out a diagnostic report we are able to advise which (if any) of the further reports are required at the property. Taking this step by step approach can save money but will take longer to complete. The Homemover Plus report can make sense when a time limit has been set on the sale (e.g. purchase of a repossession property).

RECOMMENDED - If you need to know everything about the property and can't wait for initial inspections to be completed first.